ICYMI: Nathanael Greene Library Sees Boost in Circulation

Sarah Morenon

Nathanael Greene Librarian Sarah Morenon. District News Report – November 2013 Issue

Nathanael Greene Middle School students love reading. Last year, according to Librarian Sarah Morenon, Greene students checked out 15,000 books – from a library with a circulation of 14,300 volumes.

The library’s previous circulation had been between 10,000 to12,500 books per year since 2004.

Morenon is hearing a lot of word-of-mouth promotion of books and sees a high demand when new books are published, particularly those in a series like author Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series and Greek and Roman mythology.

“I do think this is a golden age of young adult literature,” said Morenon, “and kids love to read well-written fantasy and realistic fiction. They usually seem to favor one or the other.”

Students who are eager to read the latest edition of a favorite series or a new book can place holds on books through the library’s circulation/catalog software, Follett’s Destiny Program. When the book is returned, Morenon is notified of the hold and can quickly get the book to the student.

She is creating a book rating program through Destiny, where students can give a star rating to the books they’ve read and comment about what they liked or disliked about the book. The comments are then posted after Morenon’s approval.

Careful maintenance of inventory is also critical; adding new books as they are published, replacing lost books in a series and keeping books in good shape. Familiarity with popular books is also important, Morenon said, so she can make quick recommendations to students, as well as weeding out unpopular books and establishing a welcoming atmosphere at the library.