April Accolades

Scottie Daigle at Providence Animal Control where he volunteers during his year at the Providence Transition Academy.

Scottie Daigle at Providence Animal Control where he volunteers during his year at the Providence Transition Academy.

Providence Transition Academy student named RI Volunteer of the Year for work at Providence Animal Control

The Providence Transition Academy was created to assist students in transitioning from high school to jobs or higher education with an additional year of instruction and internships in the Rhode Island community. In a partnership with the Providence Public School Department, this unique program places high school graduates in a variety of volunteer assignments to assist them in preparing for their futures. During their year at the academy, students have the opportunity to complete their high school transition requirements, develop employment skills and become more informed about individual life and career choices.

Scottie Daigle, a graduate of Hope High School, volunteered at Providence Animal Control. There, he primarily cared for cats and attended to other needs of the Animal Control and Care Center.

According to Olga Clarke-Jackson, community transition assistant liaison, Daigle did such an excellent job that he was chosen to represent Providence Animal Control in a Volunteer of the Year promotion sponsored by Purina Foods. The volunteer with the most votes at the end of the online contest was eligible to win a $25,000 makeover for their shelter.

While Daigle did not win the national competition, he was named Volunteer of the Year for Rhode Island. As a result of his work, Providence Animal Control won $1,000 worth of cat food from Purina.

“I really love animals and I always have,” said Daigle. “Working with the cats and dogs gave me a good feeling. When I help clean up their cages and they are in a good, clean spot and someone comes in, sees them, and adopts them, that makes me feel really good.”

At the Providence Transition Academy, students continue to learn in a transitional building setting, in the community and often at a business/work assignment. Referred students benefit from a curriculum-based vocational and career exploration program that extends time to complete their transition goals.

During the final three months of the program, from April through June, students complete their final internship experiences, compile their resumes and create a Wiki Site from these experiences to present to a panel of family, faculty and mentors. The students then present their post-academy transition plan and work closely with the Office of Rehabilitation Services to finalize any job placements or enrollment in a training program.

15 Providence Public Schools students receive PPAC Arts Scholarships

A total of 15 future artists, musicians and actors from Providence Schools were awarded ARTS Scholarships 2015 for summer study in the visual and performing arts, it was announced by the Community Outreach Committee of the Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC).

This year’s ARTS Scholarships Program will award 31 grants (15 for Providence students, 16 from other Rhode Island communities) valued at up to $500 each to qualified, talented Rhode Island middle school students aged 11-14 as of June 1, 2015. These scholarships, sponsored by the Textron Charitable Trust and PPAC’s Annual Fund donors, offer young artists an opportunity to attend local summer arts education programs that will broaden their experiences in a chosen area of study.

Scholarship winners are responsible for selecting and applying to the summer program or camp they wish to attend. Scholarship funds are applied only to programs/camps that take place between May and August 2015 and are focused on one or more artistic disciplines. Eligible programs and camps range from City Arts! to the Festival Ballet to various performing and visual arts programs throughout Rhode Island.

Since the program was created in 1996, 437 ARTS Scholarships have been awarded to talented Rhode Island students interested in studying the arts.

According to their scholarship applications, here are the arts programs that the 15 students from Providence schools indicated they would be interested in attending this summer:

  • Valeria Aguilar (DelSesto): The RI Philharmonic Music School (piano)
  • Ahlexus Deang (Hopkins): RISD
  • Alizah Diaz (Hopkins): RISD
  • Albert Gomes (DelSesto): The RI Philharmonic Music School (voice)
  • Amy Jean (Greene): RISD
  • Christian Martinez (Hopkins): RISD
  • Christian Pantoja (Lauro): RISD
  • Jacob Pinero (DelSesto): RISD
  • Ethan Raposo (Lauro): RISD
  • Ariela Sanchez (DelSesto): The RI Philharmonic Music School (piano)
  • Rosario Sanlatte (Lauro): RISD
  • Camille Santos (DelSesto): The RI Philharmonic Music School (guitar)
  • Théya Shackleford (Greene): RISD
  • Isaiah Shepard (Hopkins): RISD
  • Brenna Torrence (St. Augustine): Camp Broadway

All ARTS Scholarship recipients will be honored at an awards event for family and friends at PPAC on May 4 at 4:30 p.m., where PPAC Board of Directors Chairman Joseph W. Walsh will present the ARTS Scholarships.

The All-State Elementary School Chorus at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium.

The All-State Elementary School Chorus at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium.

Providence students perform in All-State Music Festival

On Sunday, March 22, five Lillian Feinstein Elementary School students participated in the 75th Rhode Island Music Education Association All-State Music Festival at Veterans Memorial Auditorium. The Elementary All-State Chorus featured Ana Fernandez-Reyes, Carolyn Perez  Kiana Ventura, Leiyah Lee and Sially Victorio.  Three students from Fogarty Elementary School, Angelina Whitfield, Katie Rodriguez and Kimi Lee, also participated. That same day, the All-State Classical Guitar Ensemble opened the festival, featuring Sackett alumni, Nancy Xiong (Gilbert Stuart Middle School) and Nia Polanco (Roger Williams Middle School). The Senior Orchestra Concert featured two students from Classical High School, Aaron Cho and Hannah Cariati.  The Junior Orchestra featured Louisa Bay, also from Classical.