Parent Involvement Policy Reinforces Vital Partnership Between Families and Schools

The Providence School Board has approved a revised Parent Involvement in Education Policy that is designed to increase parental engagement in our schools and build strong partnerships with parents and families. 

Every Title I school and district is required to develop a parent involvement policy that has been prepared and agreed upon by parents. The policy must be reviewed and revised annually with parent input.

According to Janet Pichardo, director of family and community engagement for Providence Schools, “The policy is designed to offer a clear description of how parents will be involved in preparing plans at their children’s school and what schools will do to meaningfully engage families to improve academic achievement for students. In addition, administrative guidelines have been developed to support the implementation of the policy.”

The policy also can be used as a tool to understand what is expected of parents, schools and the district as families are encouraged to be actively involved in their children’s education. According to the policy, the district must provide the resources and opportunities for families to remain informed and involved decision-makers.

The policy also states that, “Family engagement successfully builds positive and respectful relationships between schools and families through shared responsibility, meaningful engagement, thoughtful decision-making, and effective communication in order to provide every student with a quality education that prepares/him/her for college.”

Outlined in the policy are a vision statement and core values for family engagement, the roles of school administration and the Parent Advisory Council, district and school staff responsibilities and the shared responsibility for meaningful parent engagement. Parent rights and responsibilities are also addressed.

Click here to read the Parent Involvement Policy

Click here to read the Parent Involvement Policy’s Administrative Procedures