Graduation 2015: Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex

Here are some of the outstanding graduates of our Class of 2015.

Chen Wang is the class Salutatorian. She has a cumulative average of 94.29, after having enrolled at JSEC in May 2012 upon her arrival from China. In her quest to learn English, she followed the advice given by Guidance Counselor Donna McKenna, to “read, read, read.”

Just two years later, as an 11th grader, she scored partially proficient on NECAP reading and proficient with distinction on math.  Senior Class Advisor Shannon Gormley reflects on Chen’s time in the NECAP “bootcamp” offered by the school in the summer leading up to the test:  “She came to class every day and went home every night and translated the booklet and reading prompts to Chinese. I don’t know if she slept over those three weeks! And guess what, she passed! She had only been here one year; she deserves recognition for her hard work and dedication and absolute love for learning, perseverance, respect and values.” Chen will attend the University of Rhode Island.

Josue Malvoisin, known as Josh, has channeled his own medical challenges into a desire to help others manage their own health. With the debilitating blood disorder sickle cell anemia, Josh has faced pain and disruption to his everyday life. He was once a special education student but pushed himself, exited the program and persevered to enroll in two Advanced Placement courses. Guidance Counselor Donna McKenna reports that he is an “amazing young man,” and one of the most respectful young men she has known in her years in Providence. Josh has been accepted to Curry College, where he will major in nursing.

Jacob Manolo is described by teacher and Senior Class Advisor Shannon Gormley as “a thinker, a questioner, someone who wants to engage and retain more and more knowledge.” His family situation has been unstable over the years and, beginning in middle school, he found himself in group homes. The youngest of a group of boys, he was the target for relentless bullying.  Jacob admits in his college essay, that in 7th grade, he attended only 37 days of school. Through subsequent years, Jacob found himself becoming more accountable to himself for his own well-being, and began to shrug off the negative forces in his life. Now residing with an older cousin and her family, he has found a source of support and stability, and his grades have rebounded to a B average, with his best work in math. He hopes to study engineering, and has been admitted to the University of Rhode Island.