Graduation 2015: E-Cubed Academy

Here are some of the outstanding graduates of our Class of 2015.

Quashira McIntosh is an All-American, All-State, All-Class, All-Division, and All-New England athlete in track and field.

At the Rhode Island Interscholastic League’s Outdoor Track & Field Championships, held on June 6, McIntosh broke state and meet records. She is a four-time champion in the 100-meter dash and has earned four straight titles in the 200-meter dash. She is considered one of Rhode Island’s strongest female high school sprinters.

Through the years, Quashira found it difficult to juggle her academic and athletic life, but she managed to get it done.

Quashira was accepted to the University of Lincoln-Nebraska with a full scholarship. She is an outstanding student who does a lot of volunteer work, such as helping out at a soup kitchen, working with students at Veazie Street Elementary School and at E-Cubed Academy. Quashira and her friends coordinated the first Friday Fun Day at E-Cubed, which was a huge success.

Students at E-Cubed Academy compete on Hope High School athletic teams.

Cheikh Gaye was ten years old when he moved to the United States from Senegal in West Africa. He remembers being worried about navigating a new culture and language.

He wanted to strengthen his academic skills, so with every grade level, he challenged himself to take more and more difficult classes. He also quickly learned that the American school system was very different from the one in his home country of Senegal. Cheikh’s teachers in the United States were open to his opinions and having conversations about changes he wanted to see in his school based on his experience and that of his peers.

“I am inspired by my experiences to improve the world around me,” said Cheikh. “I realized throughout my time in high school that I like to speak up in regards to issues affecting people in low-income communities like my own.”

Cheikh became involved in Generation Citizen, a civics program for which his group did a project on increasing the student voice in schools. His group won the class Change Maker Award. He is a delegate for Providence Student Union, and a student representative on the Student Steering Committee that is helping to develop the new Opportunity by Design High Schools in Providence.