Providence track stars strike gold at New England Track and Field Championships


Track stars from Hope and Classical high schools earned gold medals at the 70th New England Track and Field Championships held at Thornton Academy in Saco, Maine, while other Providence students earned silver and bronze medals. 

During the weekend of June 12, Providence students made their home city proud as Alva Hicks of Classical won a gold medal for shot put and discus while Hope’s Quashira McIntosh and Whitney Jackson won their events with McIntosh winning the 200 meters and Jackson leaping to the triple jump title. The Hope Blue Wave team of McIntosh, Jackson, Chevell Burgess and Isis Hack also won gold in the girls’ 4×400 medley relay.

McIntosh beat her own state record in the 200 meters with a time of 23.64 seconds that was also a personal best and set a meet record as well. McIntosh also took the silver in the 100 meters.

Jackson improved state meet distance by more than a foot and leaped from runner-up status to winning the triple jump title.

Classical’s Hicks repeated her double win from the state meet, capturing the gold in the shot put and discus.

Among the boys’ top finishers were Mount Pleasant’s Trevane Clark, 3rd, 200 meters; Central’s Donatien Djero, 4th 100 meters; Classical’s Newell Roberts, 4th pole vault; and Classical’s Nathan Narcisse, 7th, 110-meter hurdles.

Providence’s top finishers also competed in the New Balance Outdoor National Track and Field Championship from June 17-19 in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Congratulations to all of our track and field stars for their terrific performances this spring!

All-State and All-Division Selections

Congratulations to the following Providence high school students who were selected by the Providence Journal for All-State, All-Class and All-Division honors, a remarkable achievement in a highly competitive field.


Cheers for Classical senior shortstop Jeremy Pena, who was drafted by the Atlanta Braves in the 39th round, the only Rhode Island high school player selected in this year’s Major League draft.

  • Jeremy Pena, Classical, First Team, All-State; Player of the Year for Division II, Central Region
  • Gary Peralta, Central, Second Team, All State; First Team, All-Division
  • Erry Baldayac, Central, First Team, All-Division
  • Rommy Morel, Central, Second Team, All-Division
  • Dennis Fernandes, Classical, First Team, All-Division
  • Angelo Cazzarro, Mt. Pleasant, First Team, All-Division
  • David Torres, Classical, Second Team, All-Division
  • Darlin Hernandez, Mt. Pleasant, Second Team, All-Division
  • Leo Roson, Mt.Pleasant, Second Team, All-Division
  • Angel Carreras, Hope, First Team, All-Division
  • Yendel Geromimo, Hope, First Team, All-Division
  • Andris Ortiz, Juanita Sanchez, First Team, All-Division
  • Marcos Germosen, Juanita Sanchez, First Team, All-Division
  • Julian Moret, Juanita Sanchez, First Team, All-Division
  • Ranses Franco, Hope, Second Team, All-Division
  • Austin DeBarros, Hope, Second Team, All-Division
  • Junior DeJesus, Juanita Sanchez, Second Team, All Division
  • Eric Collado, Juanita Sanchez, Second Team, All-Division
  • Adrian Collado, Juanita Sanchez, Cy Young Award


  • Janasia Ortega, Central, Third Team, All-Division
  • Jessica O’Malley, Classical, Third Team, All-Division
  • Geicy Pena, Central, Honorable Mention, All-Division
  • Lizmaylin Ramos, Classical, Honorable Mention, All-Division
  • TonyaLee Lugo, Juanita Sanchez/Rocky Hill, First Team, All-Division
  • Allison DeGerlia, Juanita Sanchez/Rocky Hill, First Team, All-Division
  • Nellie Ciprian, Juanita Sanchez/Rocky Hill, Second Team, All-Division
  • Melina Silverio, Hope, Second Team, All-Division
  • Leondra Harris, Mt. Pleasant, Second Team, All-Division
  • Evangeline Bemah-Stokes, Hope, Third Team, All-Division
  • Angelica Ortiz, Juanita Sanchez/Rocky Hill, Third Team, All-Division
  • Jamara Garvin, Mt. Pleasant, Third Team, All-Division
  • Sahira Lora, Hope, Honorable Mention, All-Division
  • Kendall Hall, Juanita Sanchez/Rocky Hill, Honorable Mention, All-Division
  • Gidelisse Sanchez, Mt. Pleasant, Honorable Mention, All-Division
  • Hope High School, All-Division Sportsmanship Award
  • All-Academic Team
  • Glenys Cuevas, Central
  • Madheline Gomez, Classical
  • Melina Silverio, Hope
  • Lisa DeMoranville, Juanita Sanchez/Rocky Hill

Girls Outdoor Track

  • Alva Hicks, Classical, First Team All-State, Shot Put, Discus; First Team All-Class, Hammer, Shot Put, Discus; Second Team, All-Class, Javelin; First Team, All-Division, Shot Put, Discus; Second Team, All-Division, Hammer
  • Chevell Burgess, Hope, First Team All-State, 300m hurdles; Second Team All-State 100m hurdles; First Team All-Class, 300m hurdles; First Team, All-Division, 100m hurdles, 300m hurdles
  • Quashira McIntosh, Hope, First Team All-State, 100m, 200m, 400m; First Team All-Class, 100m, 200m, 400m; First Team, All-Division, 100m, 200m, 400m
  • Chevell Burgess, Isis Hack, Destiny Huges-Barnes, Quashira McInstosh, First Team All-State, 4×100 relay
  • Chevell Burgess, Whitney Jackson, Nathalie Rosado, Isis Hack, First Team All-State, 4×400 relay
  • Lysah Russell, Classical, Second Team All-State, Hammer; Second Team, All-Division, Shot Put
  • Whitney Jackson, Hope, Second Team All-State, Triple Jump; First Team, All-Class, Triple Jump; First Team, All-Division, Triple Jump
  • May Stern, Classical, Second Team All-State, 400m; Second Team All-Division, 400m
  • Hope High School, First Team, All-Class, All Division, 4×100 relay, 4×400 relay
  • Krysan Davidson, Hope, Second Team, All-Division, 100m hurdles
  • Julissa Carmona, Mt. Pleasant, Second Team, All-Division, 100m
  • Isis Hack, Second Team, All-Division, 200m

Boys Outdoor Track

  • Nathan Narcisse, Classical, First Team, All-State, 110m hurdles, 300m hurdles; First Team, All-Class, 110m hurdles, 300m hurdles; First Team, All-Division, 110m hurdles, 300m hurdles
  • Donatien Djero, Central, First Team, All-State, 100m; First Team, All-Class, 100m, 200m; First Team, All-Division, 100m
  • Trevane Clarke, Mt. Pleasant, First Team, All-State, 200m; Second Team, All-State 100m; First Team, All-Division, 200m; Second Team, All-Division, 100m
  • Austin Wolo, Central, First Team, All-State, 400m; Second Team, All-Class, 400m; First Team, All-Division, 400m
  • Donatien Djero, Austin Wolo, Dametrius O’Connor, Lemar McFadden, Central, First Team, All-State, 4×100, 4×400
  • Francy Mata, Mt. Pleasant, First Team, All-Class, Discus; Second Team, All-Class, Hammer; First Team, All-Division, Hammer
  • Central High School, First Team, All-Class, 4×100 relay; First Team, All-Division, 4×100 relay; Second Team, All-Division, 4×400 relay
  • Newell Roberts, Classical, First Team, All-Class, Pole Vault; First Team, All-Division, Pole Vault; First Team, All-Division, Pole Vault
  • Jehlani Gallaway, Classical, Second Team, All-Class, High Jump; First Team, All-Division, Triple Jump
  • Joe Murphy, Classical, Second Team, All-Class, 1500m; First Team, All-Division, 1500m
  • Juanita Sanchez, First Team, All-Class 4x400m relay
  • Alexis Bonia, Classical, First Team, All-Division, Discus
  • Christian Pichardo, Classical, First Team, All-Division, Long Jump; Second Team, All-Division, 110m Hurdles, Javelin
  • Thanadron Phenglee, Classical, Second Team, All-Division, Shot Put


Congratulations to Classical freshman Patrick Welch for placing second in the state tournament with a 36-hole score of 149. Patrick was also named to the First Team, All-State and All-Division.


  • Austen Clark, Classical, First Team, All-State, All-Division
  • Colin Gui, Classical, First Team, All-State, All-Division
  • Jacob Hammarstrom and Gage Mernoff, Classical, Doubles, First Team, All-Division
  • Alex Donadio and Josh Levanos, Classical, Doubles, First Team, All-Division
  • Joseph Zurier, Classical, Second Team, All-Division
  • Devon Calahan and Billy O’Gare, Classical, Second Team, All-Division